Blocked Toilet or Drain?

If left unattended, blocked toilets can leak and deteriorate the carpet, floorboards, timber support structures, and foundation of the property.

Blocked drains and toilets can cause massive problems for homeowners and businesses, Whether the blockage is caused by natural debris or household objects, sewerage can backflow-into your drinking supply, causing it to become contaminated and putting your health at risk.

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KPA Plumbing has the latest plumbing equipment and tools to co-oridnate and clear blockages from a kitchen sink or a complete property sewer blockage. Using the latest hydro jetting and CCTV technology, KPA Plumbing is able to perform an analysis on the cause of the blockage and provide helpful ways on how the blockages can be avoided.

Don’t be shy to call us when your toilet, shower or kitchen sink is blocked, it’s what we do and we are always ready to help 24 hours, 7 days a week. Call us now if you have a blockage.

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